Pair versatile student


Pair versatile student

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Inheriting from versatile line pairs Tomi Happy earlier, 2015 version added TH3A green banana leaf highlights. The main emphasis is to prevent light-colored zipper with contrast along the left edge, and with colored lining makes you really excited to open the book bag.

– Loyalty to the capacity of two large main compartment and side compartment can accommodate 12 to 50 notebooks – books, documents and many different things. Including the main compartment:
– 1 compartments for laptop 14 “with anti-shock buffer layer sucking
– 1 separate compartments for water bottles inside the hygiene & safety
– 1 container of documents A4
– 1 double compartment to fit the size of textbooks or separate files without crowding each other up when carrying briefcases standing. This is different from other kinds of school bags, which for the first time in school bags versatile line Tomi Happy
– Quai backpack is made of airy and light nylon mesh backpack straps like the preferred cyclist
– Designing utilities, versatile bag can stand, portable horizontal, diagonal and backpack worn as backpacks
– Design school, gloss black exterior with colored lining according logo, with 3 color logo & linings key Orange – Grey – Purple and Green banana.

Parameter versatile pairs Tomi Happy:

Code: TH-3A
Product Name: Pair versatile student
Category: school bags, briefcases working, versatile pair
Black dithering Orange/ Purple/ Grey/ Green banana
Material: Nylon waterslide and waterproof. Silky fabric easy to clean
Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 16 cm
Target users: Students, teachers, professionals, office workers …
Warranty: 18 months
Brand: Tomi Happy
Origin: Vietnam

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