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Development of product line pairs pull Tomi Future 2, the variant, and upgraded to become a versatile pair of scissors. Future 5 was really change brings new resources for dynamic generation game of the future.

Faithful to prevent type 2 pairs of Future Mobility 2, with instant zipper from the back of the end cap pair but the box front and higher thickness, making sure the overall look, spacious and more powerful. Pair is swung open and folded back after removing the need to pull out.

A special feature is versatility, both a backpack, just might be the tourist drag backpack picnic for children. Pair can open the lid to hang on the wall, on a car or on a tree with metal hooks inside the cap firmly pairs. When traveling, apart from the main compartment and front box, the box on the side as a closet can hold all living things.

Colors have more personality because for children from grade 3 ~ 5, the plastic safety liner from the back of the front and back linking with decorative zippers sure. Images featured on the cover alongside Tomi crickets Happy uncle and friends in the adventure journey “Tracing guardian objects”.

The two sides are designed box shapes, and synchronization utility, closed & open with zipper. With the closing of the milk, water, food, or items from falling out and hygiene in the urban environment in the city is smoky. Plastic for transparent windows into boxes along with accessories visible inside containers. The luminous brace either side box and the front compartment is both decorative, just increase the safety of children while traveling at night.

Behind also true harmony with the design of two connected back cushion upholstered foam straps break sweat so thick, to make the necessary audio applications simultaneously, smoother pull back and weep young. Two small round sides padded spandex back where holster strap, so strap without scrubbing pavement when pulling.

Material from durable poly fabric – waterproof. Aluminum single drag, lighter and easy removable. Plastic coated wheels, hand smoother and quieter when children pull move. Mounted weight only 0.8 kg and drag while mounting need is 1.15kg.

Especially changes should pull handles with the design can be rotated 360 degrees (registered standalone utility solutions). To be able to easily adjust the position when the pair. This will help pull the pair in a more natural posture that children want than normal fixed type. Since that would protect children, reduce fatigue and muscle strain or deflection when the pair played in a long position in a long distance. (Humanity).


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Trọng lượng 1.15 kg
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Hồng-Pink, Xanh-Blue