Macat V8B Suitcase


Macat V8B Suitcase

Price: 38 $

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Developed from the suitcase V8A line “2 in 1″ Unique – Utilities – fashionable and dynamic. In addition to the highlights of suitcases V8A line used exclusively for work, travel gear or go to work every day, then be adjusted V8B more elegant, more convenient and beautiful than the previous generation. Vali is divided in two parts, the suitcases and backpacks section, a baggage connection with Part 4 Velcro certainly portable suitcase fashion work with 4 compartment, cabin air size 30 liter capacity. Personal glove enough for the work week. Part 3 Sturdy backpacks laptop compartment, an additional portion extending compartment, 20 liters capacity. Padded laptop 15 “with enough papers and documents necessary for the trip, or the daily commute.

Product Name: laptop backpack Suitcase – Suitcase mother cradling baby
Brand: Macat
Colour: Grey, Purple, Black
Material: Poly TWIN 400D, 210D lining
Drives: Aluminum Alloy
Vali size: 49 x 35 x 22 cm
Size backpack: 45 x 33 x 13 cm
Weight: 2.0 kg Vali; backpacks 0.75Kg
Warranty: 4 years
Storage: Store in a cool dry place
Year: 2014
Origin: Vietnam

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Trọng lượng 2.75 kg
Kích thước 49 x 35 x 22 cm
Màu sắc

Tím-Purple, Đen-Black