Macat D3 Suitcase


Macat D3 Suitcase

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Travel suitcase Macat D-3 wind blowing fashion trends Autumn Winter 2014 with Red, Grey, Black, Navy Blue, simple style, youthful, dynamic and modern design that simple with highlights are two colorful decorative street full body claw suitcase, a handbag with the same color.

Fashion Suitcase 4 wheels swivel Macat popular D-3. Developed from Macat D-2 version, with features more compact and fashionable. Shapely, harmonization and certainty. Main compartment with two compartments but wider, thicker material to protect better map. Especially should pull double aluminum replacement for required application versions dragging suitcases Macat D-2, will help you go gently push suitcases and comfortable.

Parameter suitcase tourist drag Macat D-3
Code: MVD-3
Product Name: Vali tourist drag Macat D-3
Type: Suitcase pull, travel suitcase, briefcase MACAT
Colour: Deep red, Gray, Black, Navy Blue
Dimensions: 56 x 35 x 24 cm
Material: Fabric though – Cord fabric
Need drag: to double aluminum alloy
Wheels: 4 wheels swivel Warranty: 4 years
Brand: MACAT
Origin: Vietnam

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Trọng lượng 2.8 kg
Kích thước 56 x 35 x 24 cm
Màu sắc

Xanh-Navy, Đen-Black, Đỏ-Red