TOMI Aircraft


TOMI Aircraft

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What soar! Heaven immense sea … “Soar” with her dreams on aircraft backpack according uncle Happy crickets Tomi worldwide adventure travel, new horizons to the distant ocean and the mysterious Meng butt … It is a novel design, beautiful, simulating aircraft for cruise baby with family summer 2013 – 2014 Backpacks contain enough sail inventory for the baby, the main compartment contains few clothes, sea dress. Compartment of transparent plastic box for inspiration ahead infant scooted herself ratings humoredly items such as hats, goggles, or maybe to the wet clothes after bathing. Outside can install hooks for other large marine accessories like propellers, pool floats … Two large side pane contains a few water bottles or milk cartons. Kids will enjoy pulling the backpack along the beach, and how people will last look cute planes follow small steps, such as sharing the joy with baby. Backpacks can also be used for the baby to go to school, picnics or other multi-use purposes.


Structure – Features:

* Prevent the thick poly fabric, durability and waterproofing. Front box with transparent plastic film

* For removable aluminum pull, hand pulling can rotate 360 ​​° adjustable swivel shoulder postures when the pair, helps avoid shoulder strain and deflection in young shoulders while pulling in a posture on long distances. Plastic soft hand wheel when pulling. Pictures on the box is Tomi Happy uncle crickets and the adventures you in space exploration Backpacks simulated aircraft Boeing 787 dream liner supercar, will help her more love than in learning creative Thick back cushion soft waterproof and breathable back.

Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 46 (cm)
Products have exclusive industrial design registration number 3-2013-00799
24 month warranty Production in Vietnam

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