Tomi 8C school bag

8C-XD (2)8C-XD (2)

Tomi 8C school bag

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Tomi serial backpack-8 students should pull the first generation, the product line will 8C student backpack convenient than the previous generation.
First backpack outer box is replaced by locking front zipper, easy to operate and will not fall out map. Half on the cover instead of plastic in order to clearly see the objects they hold inside.

Side pieces larger luminous, newly decorated, medium luminous better signal with the lights from the side of the child.

Balo drag removable mounting standards.

Suitable for children aged 5 to 7 years old.

Colors: Red, Purple; Navy Blue, Blue

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Trọng lượng 1.8 kg
Kích thước 34 x 16 x 42 cm
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Hồng-Pink, Tím-Purple, Xanh-Blue, Xanh-Navy, Đỏ-Red